UFO VPN Location and Download Test 2019 (Android)

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UFO VPN Review - Note 9

UFO VPN Review – Note 9

Released in October 2018, UFO VPN is one of the new VPN apps. It currently has over 500K downloads and has the potential to reach millions of users. After testing and reviewing I’m fully prepared to write an article and make a video. The post is the ultimate place for UFO VPN review and download speed. So let’s begin.

UFO VPN Review – YouTube video

A tutorial looks good when a video is included. To save you some time I have made this video which explains everything you need about UFO VPN.

UFO VPN Review

Unique features

A unique feature which you might love is Smart Location. When you tap on Smart Location, it will connect to the nearest server. The close the server is the speed you get. Smart Location is beneficial if you only want to hide your location because if the closest server is in your country, then it will connect to that one which means you will be in the same region.

UFO VPN like others has the option to select the prefered server. The free version comes with countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Canda, Australia and a few more.

To connect you can tap on Choose Location and the list with countries names will come up. To see all the servers, tap on the country name, and you will find all the servers in the chosen country. Tap the server which is best for you.

Another cool feature of UFO VPN is if you’re not sure which country to select then tap on the button on the top right corner in the servers menu. The option does only one thing which is finding the closest server to you.

Free and paid

The free version comes with limited servers. If you want more servers than you can buy the premium one. The premium plan comes in three different plans.

  1. $3 of one week.
  2. $8 for one month.
  3. $30 for six months.
  4. $36 for one year.

An Important message to add to UFO VPN review is in the coming weeks UFO VPN will be completely free which means no premium at all. The message also means the company will increase the frequency of the ads.

Meanwhile, the Premium UFO VPN has the benefits including unlimited bandwidth & usage, can connect on up to five devices, worldwide servers, no ads and ultra-fast speed.

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Using UFO VPN is a straightforward job. You open the app and tap on either Smart Location or Choose Location. The left panel comes with options including sign/out, premium, language (English & Farsi), help centre (FAQs and contact us), feedback, Invite friends, rate UFO VPN, about, and follow us.

Connection test – Does it really work?

UFO VPN Location Test

UFO VPN Location Test

In the above image, we can see if UFO VPN works. I chose my location to the US and then I selected Atlanta. Bravo! It worked like a charm. UFO VPN does an excellent job of hiding your location and connecting you to the chosen location.

One issue I encounter sometimes is the message “Can’t make the connection”. The chances of getting this message are low meagre and it comes when you try to connect to different servers again and again. If you find this message continuously, then restart the app, and it will work fine (fingers crossed).

UFO VPN torrent speed test

One of the main reasons to test VPN clients is whether it can support torrenting. Popcorn Time is a torrent client and if you try downloading a trending video, then Popcorn Time starts downloading within a few seconds. To maximise the chances of high speed, I will go with Smart Location. After testing UFO VPN on three different servers, only once Popcorn Time could start the downloading. You will have to play with the app to find the optimal server.

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In conclusion

UFO VPN has made thousands of customers and among the thousands of happy customers. Without a doubt, I will recommend UFO VPN to everyone. I hope the video UFO VPN review and download speed helped. Do you use any VPN client? Which one is it? Tell us your experience with UFO VPN and overall with VPN clients, so everyone reading this can get benefits.

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