Waze vs TomTom Go (Jan 2020) – Which One is for You?

Image Showing Waze and TomTom Go
Waze vs TomTom Go

An app from TomTom N.V. named TomTom Go is available for smartphone users to navigate. The app is designed for occasional users to drive and ride around for free. Waze, on the other hand, is a widely known and popular navigation service available in over 60 countries and it’s free for unlimited kilometres. Although both have the same purpose, both differ in many ways. In this blog post, we are going to cover Waze vs TomTom Go. We will compare some of the major features of both and see which one is for you.

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Screenshots of Routing in Waze and TomTom Go
Waze vs TomTom Go – Routing

Regarding traffic, TomTom Go is more accurate as it collects data from over 400 million vehicles worldwide. Also, TomTom Go is not just an app, it is a part of a company whose focus has been locations for over fifteen years. Waze, on the other hand, is good, but it relies on the users to update traffic which sometimes might not be correct.

Review: TomTom Go is the winner for this round. Score:  Waze: 0 | TomTom Go: 1.

Voice navigation

Waze is powered by 75 voice options in many languages, while TomTom contains over 100 voice options in several languages. Both allow downloading of voice options. Waze comes with an extra option for recording your own voice for turnings.

Review: Tie. Score:  Waze: 0 | TomTom Go: 1.

Offline navigation

This round also goes to TomTom because the first thing it does is it asks you to download the maps for your country. Although the company is bringing a new update in which one can download the custom maps, get hyper-real lane guidance, and enjoy extended compatibility, the release date is not known yet. Waze, on the other hand, does not come with offline navigation system. It relies on the data provided by other users to constantly update traffic and notify users on the road.

Review: TomTom Go is the winner for this round. Score:  Waze: 0 | TomTom Go: 2.

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Each app comes with its own reporting features. The more tools, the better. So, how Waze and TomTom compare on reporting? Let’s take a look at the table to find out.

FeatureWazeTomTom Go
Mobile speed camera✔️✔️
Speed limit✔️✔️
Vehicle’s speed✔️✔️
Static speed/red light camera✔️✔️
Road closure✔️✔️
Report speed change✔️✔️
Object on road✔️
Disabled vehicle✔️
Report speed change✔️✔️
Accident blackspots✔️
Danger zones✔️
Risk zones✔️
Roadside help✔️

The table covers the combined features and shows which service supports what. Some of the tools are device and/or country dependent and may not be available in your region. Waze collects data from users, while TomTom Go uses its services to find about the reports.

Review: Tie:  Waze: 0 | TomTom Go: 2.

Transport options

Both are not for public transport, while both offer a few options. TomTom Go comes with an option to change the navigation to bike or walk while in route. Waze comes with an option to choose between a private car or taxi to give better routes.

FeatureWazeTomTom Go
Public transport

Review: This round is a tie. Score:  Waze: 0 | TomTom Go: 2.


Screenshot Showing TomTom Go Pricing
TomTom Go Pricing

Here comes the turning point. Waze is free, but TomTom Go is not completely free. TomTom allows 75 kilometres (converted 46 miles) for free every month. If you extend this limit, you will have to upgrade. The service comes with monthly and yearly subscription plans for AU$8.99 and AU$29.99 respectively.

Review: Waze takes this round. Score:  Waze: 1 | TomTom Go: 2.

App details

Waze is on number two in navigations on iTunes, while TomTom Go is on number 194. TomTom Go also occupies more storage than Waze on the iPhone. Moving to Android, Waze occupies 133 MB of storage which is again less than 251 MB of TomTom Go. Waze has been downloaded on over 100 million Android phones, while TomTom Go has 10 million downloads. Both have an average rating of above 4.0.

Review: Waze takes this round too. Score:  Waze: 2 | TomTom Go: 2.

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Other features

The final part of Waze vs TomTom Go is about some of the little features which might make a difference.


  1. Waze comes with a points system for those who report. The more a user contributes, the points he or she gets. With points, users can unlock rewards such as vehicle icons.
  2. You can schedule a ride.
  3. The service comes with an online map editor. Users can sign up and edit maps.
  4. Waze supports voice search.
  5. The app supports Android Auto.

TomTom Go

  1. 3D buildings while navigating look stunning.
  2. The app suggests if a better route is available.
  3. While navigating, TomTom Go shows a progress bar with fuel stations, safety cameras, car parking, and more.
  4. Waze has an issue of forgetting safety cameras sometimes. TomTom Go does not forget a safety camera.
  5. Find the closest parking.
  6. The app comes with an option to run in the background.


  1. Both support Apple CarPlay.
  2. Add places such as home and work.

Which one is for you?

It’s a matter of usage: if you navigate occasionally, then both will do the job. Waze comes with great reporting tools, and if you are a daily driver and travel to new areas, then Waze is your choice. TomTom Go’s traffic reporting is powerful, so if you travel in the same area, TomTom Go is for you.

The final score in Waze vs TomTom Go is: 2 | 2.

Waze iOSTomTom Go iOS
Waze AndroidTomTom Go Android


The comparison Waze vs TomTom Go covered the fundamental topics. I hope it helped; please let me know what you think of both in the comments below so we can discuss more.

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