How to Download Original Windows Movie Maker in 2019

It’s been over six years since the last update for Windows Movie Maker was released. Windows Movie Maker, a part of Windows Essentials, is famous and easy to use software for early creators. It is similar to iMovie on Mac. Unfortunately, Microsoft stopped supporting Windows Movie Maker a long time ago. Many developers found the decision as an opportunity and started creating their software with similar names, but people are more likely to download the original Movie Maker.

Anyway, In this article, we are going to see four websites where we can download Windows Movie Maker in 2019. We will be exploring 4 trusted website to download Windows Movie Maker in 2019.

Windows Movie Maker download types

Before we dig into this, let me explain one thing. Movie Maker can be downloaded as a whole from the internet, or you can download the downloader and let it take care of the rest. Although no one likes the installer to download because of many reasons.

The article is all about offline version of Windows Live Essentials. Windows Essentials software is about 132MB, and it might be a little bit over or less depending on the version. Using the mentioned websites, you can download Movie Maker straight away and then install even when your computer is offline.

Download from CNET

CNET is one of the trusted websites to download software and apps these days. I have also mentioned the site in my other blog posts. Anyway, downloading from CNET is super easy, and it lets you download the original Windows Live Essentials on Windows. The process is simple as you only have to link on the below link which will open CNET Windows Essentials download page.

On the page, you’ll see a big green “Download Now” button. Click that button, and your download will be on the way. The file size is 132 MB, and you’ll see the old Movie Maker’s icon while downloading. CNET is one of the places where you can download Windows Movie Maker in 2019. Download the Movie Maker here.

Download Windows Movie Maker from Softpedia

Softpedia is another great place to download Windows Essentials on your computer. It does not ask for any account details or it does not ask to download any third-party software to download Movie Maker. On the website, there are two buttons to download. You can either click on the top one or the bottom one. A pop-up will show. In that pop-up, you’ll see the information about the software, including the name and size. There would also be a message saying, the software is free of charge. Click on the download from Softpedia button to download the offline version of Windows Live Essentials on your PC.

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Download Movie Maker from Softonic

The third on the list is Softonic. The site has an easy interface. When you get to the download page, you’ll see a big green button with download features. Click on that button, and the page will go to the download page where your download will begin automatically. Ignore the pop-ups once the software is in the download queue. An option to restart download will also be there if your download does not start straight away. Download the Movie Maker from Softonic.

Download Movie Maker from Archive

Although the website is an online drive where users can upload and share the files. One of the users uploaded Windows Essentials for everyone to download. The best part of this website is, it allows you to download in the normal downloader or, you can also download the software as a torrent. Once you get on the page. On the right-hand side, you’ll see two download options. Click on your desired option and the download will begin quickly. Check out the software by clicking here.

How to check the original download

If you have downloaded software and not sure if it the original one then, here are a couple of tips. The first one is checking the User Account Control screen. When you install software on PC, the Windows asks you to allow the permission. Here it the original Windows Live Essentials permission screen.

Windows Movie Maker User Account Control
Windows Movie Maker User Account Control

On the screen, it will say the name of the software which is Windows Live Essentials and the verified publisher will be Microsoft Corporation. Moving to the nest tip, make sure the setup screen is like the below.

Windows Essentials Original Setup
Windows Essentials Original Setup

On the original setup, you will see two options, including all the tools or the custom selection. If you see as the above pictures, you don’t need to download from any of the below websites.

In conclusion

I hope, one of the websites helped you download Live Essentials on your computer. With growing technology and many software becoming paid, Windows Movie Maker is an alternative for everyone. What do you think of the mentioned websites? Did the download start easily? Was there any issue with the download or the software? Please update me so I can update the post and update everyone. Published by Madhsudhan on 2/Sept/2019.

3 Replies to “How to Download Original Windows Movie Maker in 2019”

  1. Softonic has a message saying “Windows Live Essentials: This download is no longer available. This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for some other reason.”
    Retrieved 9/27/19

    1. Hi. Thanks for commenting and letting everyone know. I have checked it by myself and I can confirm that Softonic does not offer Windows Live Essentials anymore. I’ll remove the website and find another to replace. Thanks again.

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