Facebook vs Facebook Lite | Exploring all the Differences

Facebook vs Facebook Lite

Facebook and Facebook Lite are two different apps. Why there are two separate apps? What’s the real difference between Facebook and Facebook Lite. Well, nine features are missing in the Facebook Lite app. Other than that, there is a difference in interface and installation storage. To understand the difference, the article covers Facebook vs Facebook Lite.¬†We will also see which one is for you.

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Difference video

The video takes care of your Facebook vs Facebook Lite needs. The warm-up video covers most of the comparison topics.

Main difference

Facebook All Features
Facebook All Features
Facebook Lite All Features
Facebook Lite All Features

The main difference between Facebook and Facebook Lite is features. Facebook Lite offers the basic functionalities, but in total, nine features are missing. Here is the list of what is missing in Facebook Lite.

  1. Nearby friends
  2. Oculus VR
  3. Find Wi-Fi
  4. Fundraisers
  5. Offers
  6. Weather
  7. Send or Request Money
  8. Device Requests
  9. Crisis Response
  10. City Guides

Considering the above features, we can understand that many GPS enabled features are missing in Facebook Lite. Also, the dark mode is available in the Facebook Lite, but you will not be able to find in the original Facebook app.

Interface differences

Facebook vs Facebook Lite – Interface difference

On the Facebook app, there is the news feed, groups, videos, marketplace, notifications, and main menu. The Facebook Lite app comes with news feed, friend requests, messenger, notifications, videos, and main menu buttons. As you browse, you will also find the difference in fonts, size, buttons, and more.Read:
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Facebook and Facebook Lite – Storage Comparison

Facebook app occupies 144 MB of storage, while Facebook Lite only takes 2.22 MB on Android. On the iPhone, the Facebook app takes 425 MB of storage while Facebook Lite occupies 20.0 MB.

How they managed to reduce the size?

The primary reasons are images, missing features, default and saved fonts etc. Using low pixel images make a huge difference, while saved fonts also make a difference. There are many little things which we do not notice, but together they make a huge difference.

Which one is for you?

To make it clear, I have made a list for those who genuinely want to know whether to go with Facebook or Facebook Lite.

  1. The first one is usual: If you don’t have enough storage, then go with Facebook Lite.
  2. If you are using an older version of Android such as KitKat or Lollipop, then Facebook Lite is for you.
  3. If your phone or SIM does not support 3G or 4G, then Facebook Lite.
  4. Go with Facebook Lite, if you don’t want unnecessary features such as weather, find WiFi, etc.
  5. If you have a limited data plan.

Although both would work fine on many devices, having the perfect app can improve the speed and battery life.

Facebook appFacebook Lite app

In conclusion

Here is the end of Facebook vs Facebook Lite. Facebook Lite lacks some of the features, but to save memory, storage, and data, it might be a perfect choice. I hope the article helped, and thanks for having a read. Let me know what do you think of both so that we can discuss more.

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