Google Keep vs OneNote
Google Keep vs OneNote

Google Keep vs OneNote. Whenever Android users think to write and save a note, they always think of either Google Keep, OneNote, or Samsung Notes. Well, Samsung is limited to Samsung devices, but Google Keep and Microsoft OneNote are available on most of the Android devices. Both apps are similar but have some unique features which make both different from each other.

In current situations, one company is ruling PC world while other Android and internet world. How do Google Keep and OneNote stand against each other? Let’s find out in this ultimate Google Keep vs OneNote comparison.

Google Keep vs OneNote

Homepage and interface

Google Keep vs OneNote - Interface
Google Keep vs OneNote – Interface

Regarding the interface, we can see both apps are different. In Google Keep, we can see organised notes in a simple style while in OneNote we can see a list of all notes. One thing to notice here is in Google keep; we can easily see what types of note saved. Like on the right side there is a note with an image attached, and if we look at the bottom, we can see that the note is a checklist. In OneNote, we can’t really differentiate between notes because it only shows the list of notes.

Winner: Regarding the interface, I’ll go with Google Keep because it has nice and a simple interface. Score: Google Keep: 1, OneNote: 0.

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Note types

Being one of the top notes apps, having essential features is important. In this Google Keep vs OneNote comparison, I also tested what kinds of notes both apps support. Both apps support, typing, drawing, voice recording, the checklist for shopping, and images notes. A feature which made OneNote far ahead of Google Keep is drawing and typing in the same space. Take a look at the below screenshot.

Google Keep vs OneNote - Notes Types
Google Keep vs OneNote – Notes Types

Google Keep doesn’t support anything like that but you can write stuff on the note, and the written material will be in a separate space and typed will in a separate. Other than that, a feature which we must include here is with OneNote, you can create multiple notebooks, and in notebooks, you can create various sections.

Winner: With OneNote’s drawing and typing feature and adding multiple notes, I’ll go with OneNote. Score: Google Keep: 1, OneNote: 1.

Other features

Well, we have covered the top features now let’s look at what both apps can provide uniquely.

  1. Google Keep has an option to add multiple recipients to the notes who can collaborate. Google Keep: 2, OneNote: 1.
  2. OneNote has an option to disable syncing while Wi-Fi is not available. Google Keep: 2, OneNote: 2.
  3. Google Keep is best for reminders. Google Keep: 3, OneNote: 2.
  4. OneNote comes with a badge so you can add a note anytime. Google Keep: 3, OneNote: 3.
  5. OneNote has a fantastic feature which only works on Samsung Galaxy Notes. If you get the S Pen closer, it will automatically enable drawing mode. Google Keep: 3, OneNote: 4.
  6. Both apps simultaneously sync the notes to the cloud so you can access them on any device. Tie
  7. You can add links to the text in OneNote. Google Keep: 3, OneNote: 5.
  8. You can add labels to your notes in Google Keep. Google Keep: 4, OneNote: 5.


In the final results, we can see Google Keep got 4 points, and OneNote got 5 points. Both apps are great, and both provide all the essential features. Both are available on a wide range of devices, and both companies have given us lots of ways to share. If you are a person who is keen to write notes for each moment, then OneNote might be the best option, while if you are in a team wanting to share your knowledge, then Google Keep will be the perfect stop.

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