Google Messages vs Samsung Messages | Which One is Better in 2020?

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Google Messages vs Samsung Messages

Ordinary messaging is still a major part of communications. You may not believe, but SMS was the most used data service in the world in 2017, according to Nielsen, and over 4.2 billion people text worldwide (MBA Online). Having a fast and easy to use messaging application can help in many ways. To find that perfect app, the blog post covers Google Messages vs Samsung Messages.

A pure Android device comes with Google Messages, also known as Android Messages, and Samsung devices come with Samsung Messages, which is limited to Samsung mobiles as the app is not available to download. Google Messages can be installed on most of the Android devices.

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The video shows the side by side comparison of Google Messages and Samsung Messages. You also get to see the apps visually. The video was published in January 2020, and depending on the current time, some features might be different.


Screenshots of Google Messages and Samsung Messages Interface
Google Messages vs Samsung Messages Interface

Google Messages uses a classic interface with a search bar and the main menu button on the top, and new chat button down the bottom which shrinks as you scroll. Swiping on each conversation moves the conversation to archive. You can see the archived chats in the top-right menu. Google Messages shows one line of text preview, while Samsung Messages shows two lines giving you more text to read. It also comes with the style of leaving some screen empty for pinned and favourite conversations. The option is in the top-right menu of each conversation. Like Google Messages, we have the search bar, menu, and new conversation buttons. Contacts section is a unique section which shows your contacts. Google Message displays formatted and spaced phone numbers while Samsung Messages shows the number with the country code and with no spaces.

While typing the message, Google Messages displays whether you are sending an SMS or MMS. By default, it’s an SMS, but if you add a file, image, etc., the text converts to MMS. Moreover, a chat in bold indicates unread messages in Google Messages, while Samsung Messages shows the total number on the right-hand side of the chat.

Dark theme

Both offer a dark theme, but the problem with Samsung Messages is, it relies on mobile’s night mode. We don’t have a separate option to enable the app’s dark theme. Google Messages, on the other hand, comes with a dark theme.

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Message tools

Screenshots of Google Messages and Samsung Messages Message Tools
Google Messages vs Samsung Messages – Message Tools

This is one of the prominent rounds of Google Messages vs Samsung Messages, as the more features you get, the better. Both support many things to send in a message. The below table shows the combined features with which supports what.

FeatureGoogle MessagesSamsung Messages
Audio recording✔️✔️
Contact info✔️✔️
Notes✔️ Samsung Notes
Schedule message✔️
Web searches✔️ (limited)
Quick responses✔️
Smart reply✔️
Add subject✔️

Out of 16 elements, Google Messages supports 11, whereas Samsung Messages comes with 12 features installed.

Smart reply

Screenshot of Google Messages Smart Reply
Google Messages Smart Reply

Smart reply is a feature in Google Messages which shows some of the possible responses depending on the last received message. It uses AI to predict the most related responses to the message. You also get options to send an emoji or search for GIFs and stickers when the app thinks they are suitable.

Spam detection

Google Messages uses its own service, while Samsung Messages takes the data from Hiya to identify spam and scam callers in mobile calls and messages. A user can also report the spam messages in the app, and the data is used to detect spam on other Android devices.

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Screenshots of Google Messages and Samsung Messages Notifications
Google Messages vs Samsung Messages – Notifications

Overall, Google Messages gets this round as it offers more AI techniques to deal with messages which contain copyable codes. When you get a message, you find a button to copy the code. For a standard message, this button turns to reply button. Samsung Messages shows notifications with message details, mark as read, and view message options. Both support pop-up notifications on Samsung devices and both are supported on Samsung Galaxy watches.

Use of internet

Screenshot of Google Messages Chat Features
Google Messages Chat Features

The internet plays a role in this comparison as Google Messages can use the internet to send and receive messages, let other people know that you have read the message, and when you start typing. Another feature of Google Messages is working with Google Duo to send video and audio messages and calls. The buttons are only visible if you have Google Duo installed, and the receiver can receive messages and calls if they have Google Duo installed.

Link previews

Link previewing is a common feature, and both apps support previewing. Google Messages comes with a few extra options such as filter out the links, download over Wi-fi, while Samsung Messages only offers to enable or disable this feature.

Messages for web

Another cool tool of Google Messages is a service called Messages for the web. Just like WhatsApp Web, Messages for the web is a service which allows you to send and receive messages on your computer. The user must scan the barcode using the app to use this service, while the computer can be saved for future use. The website comes with some of the tools such as dark theme. Chat features settings, data warning, notifications, etc. Most of the options are automatically synced with the app. One can go to to access the messages. Samsung Messages does not offer a built-in web messaging service, but with the help of Samsung SideSync, one can send messages from the PC.


Screenshots of Google Messages and Samsung Messages Settings
Google Messages vs Samsung Messages – Settings

Let’s talk about the limitations of both apps. Well, most of the settings, such as chat features, notifications, pin, etc., have already been covered. Let’s check some rare features which might make a difference. Google Messages offers to enable/disable the ongoing sound, change the user’s country, manage group messaging (MMS), auto-download MMS, auto-download while roaming, and delivery reports. Samsung Messages comes with options to manage the notifications, quick responses, delivery reports, input mode, old messages, and message centre.

App details

Google Messages has over 500 million downloads, with an average rating of 4.4. Samsung Messages, on the other hand, is not available to install on either store. The app only occupies 550 KB of storage and compared to Google Messages which takes 80 MB; it’s much less.


This might be the least exciting section of this comparison, but it’s a part of it. Google Messages requests to use the camera, microphone, contacts, location, storage, SMS, and telephone. Samsung Messages contrarily requires the same permissions with call logs permission. Each permission can be toggled off on the apps’ info screen.

Which one is for you?

Regarding the style and look, I prefer Samsung Messages because it’s a part of Samsung’s most famous One UI. Still, in the end, I like Google Messages because of its robust AI-based code detection, spam protection, smart replays, web searches, and other features. Overall, Google Messages takes this comparison.

In conclusion

The comparison Google Messages vs Samsung Messages covered the essential topics. I hope the article helped to figure out which one to use. Thanks for having a read and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments and subscribe to the newsletter for post updates.

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