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SwiftKey vs Gboard – Note 9

When it comes to Android, there are many keyboard apps. As Android is the software platform by Google, there are 99 apps from Google to make your life easier. One of them is Gboard also called Google Keyboard. Even though Google develops Android, other companies are working hard to make our lives easier. For this test, I used SwiftKey and Gboard for over six months on my Galaxy S8 and Note 9. The article is all about SwiftKey vs Gboard.

In the tech world, there is always competition between companies. For those who do not know Microsoft purchased SwiftKey in 2016. With over 100 million downloads and 250 million active users only on Android, SwiftKey is a competitor in the industry. How do both stand against each other? Let’s find out in this SwiftKey vs Gboard battle.

SwiftKey vs Gboard


In this comparison, we are going to test two giant keyboard apps and how they perform in different conditions. In this article, we are going to see every similar and unique feature and find the perfect keyboard app for your Android phone.

Word prediction

The definition of word prediction is predicting a word which suits the typed words and sentence. It also applies to the history of the user. From past style to learned words a keyboard must figure out what would be the next word. Every keyboard app uses the word prediction algorithm to predict the next word. No one has time to type every word they want to type. Word prediction is essential, and a wrong words prediction can slow down your speed. Regarding words prediction both use different algorithms.

I have been using SwiftKey for over a year on my device, and when I started testing Gboard along with SwiftKey, I did not like the way Gboard was predicting, but by time now I can easily choose Gboard over SwiftKey regarding word prediction. It’s a rule of time that everyone’s time comes. There is always someone or something better than you.

Score: SwiftKey: 0, Gboard: 1. Well, no doubt the winner is Gboard because SwiftKey is falling behind in word prediction.


SwiftKey vs Gboard - Layout and Themes
Layout and Themes – SwiftKey vs Gboard

SwiftKey comes with a store where the user can download themes. The store comes with over 300 themes. Creating a custom theme is also easy. You have options to add a background image, enable or disable borders and add or remove the number line. All the available themes are now free to install.

Gboard, on the other hand, comes with a few themes, background images and styles. The good thing about Gboard is it gives you a highly customisable store where you can add any style to any theme and any background image to any theme. The size for each button in Gboard and the distance between each button is more extensive than in SwiftKey which is helpful typing on a small screen phone.

Score: Well, SwiftKey: 1, Gboard: 2. SwiftKey is the winner here because of so many themes and freedom to do more with the keyboard.


SwiftKey vs Gboard - Supported Languages
SwiftKey vs Gboard – Supported Languages

Both keyboards support over 300 languages. You can download languages and start typing. SwiftKey allows you to type in five languages at the same time. You can swipe the space bar to move through the languages in SwiftKey.

Both keyboards support different input types including QWERTY, QWERTZ, PC etc. It depends on the language you are using. You can find the option in the languages menu in both the apps.

Score: SwiftKey: 2, Gboard: 2. Both support over 300 languages, so both are the winner here.

Accents and special characters

Accents and Special Characters
Accents and Special Characters

Adding accents and special characters in SwiftKey vs Gboard review was essential. Regarding showing hidden accents after holding a key, SwiftKey does a good job. The option is disabled in the settings but after enabling you will be able to see other accents and special characters when you hold a key. Gboard only shows one character. One thing Gboard does good is, in full stop menu you see lots of other symbols while SwiftKey only shows four symbols when you hold the full stop key.

Check out: 5 Best SwiftKey Themes.

Score: SwiftKey: 3, Gboard: 3. Both have something special, and both stuck at something.

Emoji and GIF

SwiftKey Keyboard Emoji Prediction
SwiftKey Keyboard Emoji Prediction

Both come with a wide range of emojis and both support GIF provided by GIPHY. A neat feature SwiftKey has is emoji prediction. If you turn on this feature, you will be able to see emoji related to the term you type. For example, I can see the toilet emoji whenever I type “tiol”. It works with any emoji, for example, emotions, countries, behaviour etc.

Meanwhile swiping the space bar from right to left opens Emoji, GIF and Stickers menu. Both apps come with eight different types of emoji sections and different stickers to use in the messages. The limitations of Gboard stop her. With stickers, you can create collections and save for future use, and SwiftKey comes with a basic image editor where you can add stickers to images and send them in the messages.

Score: SwiftKey: 4, Gboard: 3. We can easily say that SwiftKey is the winner.


Translation - Gboard and SwiftKey
Translation – Gboard and SwiftKey

In the latest version of SwiftKey, there is a new option which is the translator. Gboard also comes with a translation feature. To enable the translation in SwiftKey, you can tap on the translate button on the top row while in Gboard, we can tap on G icon and the option would appear next to emoji.

Regarding the translation, both do a good job. Gboard translated in a professional style while SwiftKey which uses bing Translation service translated “Hi. How are you?” in a friendly style.

SwiftKey can translate to over 70 languages when the phone is connected to the internet. If you want the keyboard to translate the text when the internet connection is not available, then you can download Microsoft Translator which works with SwiftKey to translate the text offline.

Score: SwiftKey: 5, Gboard: 4. Both come with a translation service. The difference here is Google and Bing and online and offline. It will give 1 point to each.

Other features

  1. Gboard comes with a built-in Google Search button which is a unique feature. You can search for anything you want and send the information in the messages. Gboard: 5.
  2. SwiftKey Keyboard comes with Customizer row where the user can quickly select emojis, GIF, settings, location, clipboard, calendar, translation etc. SwiftKey: 6.
  3. You can quickly send the current location in a message after pressing the location button in SwiftKey Keyboard. SwiftKey: 7.
  4. Typing stats are available for you to record typing habits in SwiftKey. SwiftKey: 8.
  5. You can change the keyboard size in both the keyboards. SwiftKey: 9 and Gboard: 6.
  6. SwiftKey Keyboard comes with Incognito Mode in which you can search for all your secrets. SwiftKey:10.
  7. Gboard marks the wrong spelled words. Gboard: 7.
  8. Both support a floating keyboard. After enabling this feature, you can place the keyboard wherever you want. SwiftKey: 11 and Gboard: 8.
  9. Gboard has an option for an on-screen copy, paste, move text cursor etc. The option is available in the settings menu after taping G icon. Gboard: 9

SwiftKey vs Gboard YouTube video

Watch the full comparison of SwiftKey and Gboard including themes, languages, translation, settings, and much more.

In conclusion

When I first wrote this article, the score was 10 and 4, but now Gboard has added new features which would bring Gboard a few steps closer. Google is a great company but Gboard is still new, and it will take some time for Gboard to be an ultimate keyboard app. For now, we can see the scores SwiftKey: 11 and Gboard: 9 and close this chapter. What app you use and why? Leave your thoughts in the comments below so we can chat.

Image information: The images used in this comparison are the screenshots of the app. The copyright owner for these images is most likely the owner of the app. Feel free to message me, if you have any concerns about the images.

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